From our customers:


Fast shipping. Amazing product. Probably worth over twice this much. Thanks! 

D................d, eBay customer, Nov, 2017

Dear Bill and Caroline,

I have finally received the clipboard from the post office. The delay was not your fault so don't worry about it.
As you may know, in Israel where I live, shooting and stabbing terror attacks are not unheard of. So your product can provide every day protection and more.
I am a medical student so I use a clipboard anyway and violence against medical personnel is an additional risk which makes your product handy.
Thank you for your service and best regards,

Y... A... June 22, 2017

 I love it.I carry it in my work backpack.No one ever knows.Love It Thanks 

r......3, eBay customer, Jan, 2017

 Heavy but solid! 

o.........e, eBay customer, Oct, 2016

 Cool product at a fair price, better to have it & not need it than to not have. 

v.........e, eBay customer, Sept, 2016

 A+ Ebayer, item as described, good price, fast shipping, honest Ebayer!! 

a......s, eBay customer, July, 2016

 A+A+A+A+A+ GREAT product ill be looking at your other sales  

s......p, eBay customer, July, 2016

 Fast shipping. Appreciate high quality and solid value. 

j.........9, eBay customer, June, 2016

 Got it hope to not have to use it for protection - But I have it just in case 

a......6, ebay customer, May 2016

 amazing product - everyone should have one - faat shipping AAA++ 

h..............e, eBay customer, May 2016

 EXACTLY what it's suppose 2 b AMAZINGLY fast shipping & well packaged 5* 4 all! 

s............1, eBay customer, Nov 2015

 Well I tested a clipboard of yours today with two 9mm rounds. One FMJ and one HP. Nothing penetrated.  I decided to prove to myself …Thank you for a great product. Dave T.  

June 2015

Super fast shipping. Since it is a gift I won't test it myself :-) Great color! 

o.......e, eBay customer, May 2015

 Like them so much bought more, great product and fast shipping Highly recomended 

k........3, eBay customer, April 2015

Thank you for offering one more way to keep our kids safe. 

h.........1, an eBay customer April 2015


As a fellow business owner I'd be happy to help you out with some good words about your product. I didn't buy your clipboards because I was in law enforcement but because I am a real estate investor who travels to all parts of town both good and bad in many vacant buildings where vagrants and other choice characters hang out! I've also given them as gifts to friends and family who are contractors who need protection while out and about bidding on jobs in some of the seedier parts of towns who encounter the same character types

I feel more confident having your clipboard with me in my everyday travels. I know it's a very good thing to have if things go bad in a hurry. I thought they were a bit heavy at first but I've since learned that's a plus too. The clipboard is not only ballistic protection but also a great weapon in and of itself. I have to go into many government office buildings where no guns are allowed but having this heavy duty clipboard with me allows me both protection and a substantial weapon if the need arises. I am very happy with your products and I'll be buying several more in the future which is the highest form of recommendation you can give any product. I hope you can offer a larger version in the future because many real estate and legal documents are 11 X 14 and not 9x12 so I don't have my important papers hanging over the clipboard.  Also a folding nylon webbing handle on the back side so it can be used as a shield to protect my valuable fingers and hands behind the clipboard during a gun fight instead of holding onto the sides exposing my fingers.  Just a thought. Thanks again for a superior product. 

Sincerely, Mark Dobert, Pres.

House Savers LLC 

October 2014

Dear Ballistic Clipboard Staff,

Your product is worth every penny, ...

Thank You!

The Martinez Family 

April 2013


*What does BULLETPROOF mean?

It means our Ballistic Clipboards will stop bullets with the foot-pounds of pressure as described below:

*UL LEVEL I - Bullet Resistant Fiberglass is designed to protect against hand guns of medium power, such as the 9mm, Super 38 Automatic with muzzle energy of 380 – 460 foot-pounds (515 – 624J)

*UL Level II – Protection against hand guns of high power, such as the .357 Magnum, and the like, with muzzle energy of 548-663 foot-pounds (743-899J)

*UL Level III - Protection against hand guns of super power, such as the 44 Magnum, and the like, with muzzle energy of 971-1175 foot-pounds (1317-1593J)

*NIJ LEVEL IIIA - Protection against hand guns up to and including the 44 Magnum, JHP, 240 Grains, 1400-1460 ft/sec and 1090 foot-pounds.L Level 2 – Protection against hand guns of high power, such as the .357 Magnum, and the like, with muzzle energy of 548-663 foot-pounds (743-899J). 

Protect Yourself! ... who else is going to do it?