Our Ballistic Clipboard is multiple layers of fiberglass fabric and resin put together under heat and pressure to make a solid board which feels much like a ceramic tile, but will not shatter or be penetrated, if shot by a firearm. We cover it with layers of primer and paint to protect you from the fiberglass fibers. (We do offer a "Raw" board if you like fiberglass fibers. See the "MAIN - Catalog" page.)

This Ballistic Fiberglass is made in the USA. 

This Ballistic Fiberglass is a construction material designed for Judges' Chambers, Banks, the Military, etc. We cut it into smaller pieces to make our clipboards. You may notice some slight surface blemishes, but they do not effect the ability of the boards to stop a bullet.  


Our Ballistic Boards will stop the bullets and knives from your coworker (Gunman Kills 5 Co-Workers, Self ) , teacher (Professor shoots and kills 3 in 2010 at University of Alabama in Hunstville), student (too many to mention) or any enraged person who brings a gun, or knife, to the workplace, or school, and tries to kill you and as many other people as possible.

All of our Ballistic Boards have flame/heat resistant properties also.

They meet the standards for Underwriters Laboratories, "UL" and the National Institute of Justice, "NIJ".

Bulletproof* - See the bottom of this page for exactly what our UL Level I, UL Level III and NIJ Level IIIA clipboards will stop.


We have two companies which make our ballistic fiberglass which then becomes a Ballistic Clipboard. Both of these companies are in the USA.

Waco Composites makes ArmorCore which we use to make our boards which carry an Underwriters Laboratories "UL" seal of approval. These standards meet and exceed those of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

Watch this video of ArmorCore UL Level III vs. the 44 Magnum round.

Specific information about Underwriter's Labs Level III here.


Fiber-Tech makes our boards to standards of the "NIJ" and Underwriters Laboratories "UL" seal of approval.




This is the test setup required by NIJ. 

For an interesting web site and nice listing of NIJ levels go to:


or go to the Official NIJ web site. 




The clips are held on by Key Posts (screws) which are designed for leatherwork. (Bill worked for Tandy Leather Company in another life.)

They are nickel plated and very sturdy. You can remove them if you wish. Keep in mind the paint may stick to the key posts and/or the clip, then paint may pull off the board. But you can repaint. These screw posts are not made in the USA, but at least Taiwan is not Red China. I think my clips are from Red China, but I can not find them made in the USA. Sorry.


Here is the board we shot.

Check out the "Photos of Shot Clipboard" page.


Definition of "Ballistic"


As in "She went ballistic and shot up the office."

Often known as "Going Postal" because Postal Workers often go "ballistic".

List of postal killings: Australia, Canada and the United States.

:: :So with your Ballistic Clipboard you can protect yourself from fellow employees, whether they go "Postal" or "Ballistic". 




*What does BULLETPROOF mean?

It means our Ballistic Clipboards will stop bullets with the foot-pounds of pressure as described below:

*UL LEVEL I - Bullet Resistant Fiberglass is designed to protect against hand guns of medium power, such as the 9mm, Super 38 Automatic with muzzle energy of 380 – 460 foot-pounds (515 – 624J)

*UL Level II – Protection against hand guns of high power, such as the .357 Magnum, and the like, with muzzle energy of 548-663 foot-pounds (743-899J)

*UL Level III - Protection against hand guns of super power, such as the 44 Magnum, and the like, with muzzle energy of 971-1175 foot-pounds (1317-1593J)

*NIJ LEVEL IIIA - Protection against hand guns up to and including the 44 Magnum, JHP, 240 Grains, 1400-1460 ft/sec and 1090 foot-pounds.L Level 2 – Protection against hand guns of high power, such as the .357 Magnum, and the like, with muzzle energy of 548-663 foot-pounds (743-899J). 

Protect Yourself! ... who else is going to do it?